Bike Chain Cleaner
Bike Chain Cleaner

Bike Chain Cleaner

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Keep rust at bay and ensure your chain moves freely. Chain cleaning is an essential part of bike maintenance. It extends the life of your whole drive-train and greatly improves shifting and reduces friction. However, cleaning the chain by hands causes dirty rags, black smudges all over your hands you can’t wash easily. 

This clever little gadget makes cleaning your bicycle chain quick and easy. It easily removes dirt and grease thanks to its multiple rotating brushes that offer a deep clean. The tool has a large reservoir provides extra solvent capacity. NO chain disassembly required!


  • Easy to use – Simply add the cleaning agent to the gadget, clip it to the chain, and turn the pedals
  • Easily removes dirt, grease, grime and excess chain oil in seconds
  • Powerful enough to obliterate all forms of crud – No useless sponges that fall off often
  • Heavy-duty construction that is built to last
  • Firm-grip handle
  • Smooth internal chain guide mechanism
  • No chain disassembly required

Package Included:

  • 1 x Bike Chain Cleaner