Roll-up Rack
Roll-up Rack
Roll-up Rack
Roll-up Rack

Roll-up Rack

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The Roll-Up Rack is a popular, multi-functional and space saving tool. It is a washing station for preparing vegetables and fruits, a sink topper for defrosting meat, a suspended sink colander for cooking and a rack to air-drying washed dishes.

It is a modern look rack and provides instant extra counter space. Just unroll it and attach to your kitchen sink for prepping up your ingredients.

Roll it up to save space and stored it easily in your kitchen drawers or cupboards. 


  • Multi-functional -
  • An Instant extra counter space
  • A washing station for vegetables and fruits
  • A sink colander
  • A defrosting tray for meat
  • A rack for cooling down grilled / roasted food, for example, chicken and cookies
  • A protective tray to keep your tables and countertops safe from hot pots
  • A rack to air-drying washed dishes
  • Space saving – Simply roll it up for storage


  • Material: stainless steel + silicone
  • Two lengths available 17.7”/45cm and 20.5”/52cm, both are 13”/33cm wide
  • 1 x Roll-up Rack