Washing Machine Cleaner (2 packs)
Washing Machine Cleaner (2 packs)

Washing Machine Cleaner (2 packs)

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Your washed clothes may be visually clean but are they hygienically clean? Do you know the washing machine is actually a place full of dirt, mold, harmful bacteria and detergent residues? Some estimates say the average washing machine load contains 100 million Escherichia coli at any one time.

Besides, dirt build up and residues can contribute to your washing machine getting easily worn-out, plus these also downgrades how efficiently it can wash your clothes.

Therefore, it is important to clean up the washing machine every six months. This Washing Machine Cleaner allows you to expand your machine's life span and optimizes its cleaning performance! Exclusively formulated to clean and disinfect your washing machines, especially those areas no longer visible to your line of sight.

  • Deep Penetrating Cleaning Agent: Formulated with Sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate - substances known to be highly effective in cleaning stain removal and are safer alternatives to hydrogen peroxide. Tried and tested, it could remove
    • Deep-seated dirt
    • Molds
    • Mildew
    • Harmful germs & bacteria
    • Detergent residues
  • Quality Disinfectant: this removes harmful germs and bacteria, not only on the surface, but also deep seated mold, mildew and detergent residues that may be found in hard to reach and unseen areas of your tub.
    • Safe and Non-Toxic: This product is gentle on the skin and non-toxic to the body.
    • Gets Rid of Odors: Remove unwanted smell from your tub as it disinfects and sterilizes your tun


    1. Fill in the washing machine with water (preferably warm)
    2. Pour 1 whole sachet into the tub and then spin for about 5 to 10 minutes
    3. Let it rest for 90 to 120 minutes (varies on how dirty your washing machine is) 
    4. Afterwards, let it spin and drain the water out of the tub


    • Do not put clothing, or bleach together with this product
    • Do not leave the solution in the washing machine longer than the recommended time.
    • Store the product in a dark storage, dry place, and out of reach of children.


    • 2 packs of Washing Machine Cleaner (90 g each)